Oskar Espina-Ruiz

Full-page ad in Music Mountain's 2018 concert program

Advertise in Music Mountain's 90th Anniversary Concert Programs

For as little as $190 to can have your ad printed on the concert programs of all 28 Music Mountain season concerts in 2019


DEADLINE: May 10, 2019


Over 5,000 select customers from the tri-state area and 100 music conservatory students from all over the country will be able to read about your business—a reach that is multiplied when our concert attendees share their handsome concert program with friends and family. 




Preferred Position $1,975.00 4-1/2” (wide) x 7-1/2” (deep)

Full Page $1,475.00 4-1/2” (wide) x 7-1/2” (deep)

Half Page $ 900.00 4-1/2” (wide) x 3-1/2” (deep)

Quarter Page $ 600.00 4-1/2” (wide) x 1-3/4” (deep)

Eighth Page $ 190.00 2-1/8” (wide) x 2” (deep)




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